I remember growing up taking big blank books and cutting pictures and photos and creating albums but it didn’t really resonant with me until this journey begin.


New African Fabrics!

We sell fabulous African Fabrics Squares to create beautiful designs, you can choose from 4 X 4, 5 x 5 , and 10 X 10 inch Squares. Our square packets come in various squares from 40 -100 Squares depending upon your fabric square choice and size.  It's your creative journey to unleash your "creative genius". We are here to help get you started. 

Fabulous Finds!...

We are constantly updating our fabric selection to bring you the latest trends and styles. 


"Diane's business has been nothing but excellent her customer service and product quality is wonderful. She has been my go to person to obtain fantastic colors, vibrate patterns of African printed fabric her promotion are suitable for sales lm an African print fabric addict, l would love to see more african women on fabric prints. Diane has been my go to person. Every order l have received has made me a satisfied customer. Thank you Diane"  ~Veronica Ogelsby