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Atlanta Quilt Festival 10 Year Anniversary

Today I attended the 10 year anniversary of the Atlanta Quilt Festival. The Atlanta Quilt Festival is a nonprofit corporation that brings the joy of quilting to its many audiences. The Founder is O.V. Brantley who started the Clara Ford Foundation, a nonprofit corporation that was established in 2005 to promot preserve and celebrate the art of African American quilting. The foundation was established in honor of Ms. Brantley's grandmother, Clara Ford who lived and quilted in Crossett, Arkansas until her death in 1966.

Every year the festival is housed at the South Fulton Arts Center for the entire month of August. So you have time to visit and see these amazing works of art.

In addition, quilting activities include a Master Quilt Workshop with Master Quilter, Wendy Mamattah. I'm so excited to be taking this class on Saturday.

This is Marquetta Johnson a teaching artist and quilter. I had the pleasure of speaking with her and I'm looking forward to taking her classes soon in hand dyeing quilts. Here's one of her quilts that was honored "Clothesline.

Here is one of my fellow Quilters, Veronica Dominick-Oglesby who had her quilt "Loving my hair" in the exhibit and another fellow quilter with us Chiquita Pearson.

Here is Chiquita Pearson who donated two 10-inch quilts to the Festival as part of a fundraiser to support the Festival. Then my friend, Janet Saboor, received an honorable mention for her quilt "Unknown."

These are just a sampling of the 80 quilts on display at the South Fulton Arts Center on Butner Road.

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