• Diane Roney

Binding 101

I love quilting and since my journey on this road has been fun and I'm loving everything about it there has been a roadblock that has kept me from finishing a quilt in full. One is the actual quilting itself but that story is for another day because I'll be taking a class in that. But the one thing that has challenged me is Binding. Ugh!!! So, I decided it was time to take a class. I've been to YouTube University and watched all the videos night after night; however, I am a hands on person and visual and I need instruction in person. So I took a class at Stich N Quilt in Mableton, GA on Saturday. I'm so glad I did because I came away from the class feeling really good that I can now do this. We talked about machine binding and hand binding. Our instructor told us that we would be practicing hand binding. If you could have seen my ftace. The instructor said don't look worried it's going to be okay. So she proceeded to shows us the needles and started to show us how bind by hand. By George I think I got it. It was the most relaxing thing ever. I do have some more practicing to do but I feel very confidant.

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