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Updated: Jan 17, 2018

There are no words to explain this trip. Well I am on overload and you may be asking why?  Well, I had the experience of a lifetime.  Several months ago my friend Debra and I were on the wait list to attend the Destiny Getaway in St. Louis sponsored by Tacony Corporation - Babylock.  The Destiny Getaway was for people who had the Babylock Destiny.  I cannot begin to tell you what a true experience it was.  There were twenty fabulous ladies who joined us. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a limousine company to take us to the Best Western Kirkwood Hotel.  The hotel was great.  We were surrounded by so many amenities that it made the stay great.  Prior to coming to St. Louis we created a Facebook group so we could get to know each other prior to getting to the event.  Our first night we met up at Chili's and had a meet and greet.  We talked about what we've done and haven't done with our machines.  Our experiences were quite different; yet similar at the same time.

Tuesday it all begin at 8 a.m.  We arrived at Tacony Achievement Center and started our journey towards getting to know our Destiny.  We have three wonderful instructors, Diane, Chris and Margo.  These are some very knowledgeable and talented women.  We started out with IQ Designer learning how to scan line images to create applique.  This was the most fascinating beginning to this entire adventures. I was blown away with what I could create.  Who knew you could take any line image, scan it into the embroidery machine and create applique that is so stunning. It was a full day starting at 8 a.m. ending around 8 p.m.  All the projects we did we put into this hefty binder.  We did bobbin embroidery which was the most intricate embroidery to do.  I loved it.  I definitely think I'm going to do more of that.  I did gathering, pin tucks...I said what is a pin tuck?  Putting in elastics, buttons I could go on.  I mean there was just so much to do...and here is the funny thing I wasn't tired.  I think we were to excited to be tired.  Debra and I went back to our room and talked about the projects and all the things we can now do with this Destiny machine. 

I'm so glad that I stepped out on faith and jjust paid for this exciting opportunity.  I came to the conclusion that if you really want something then go for it.  If I hadn't I wouldn't know what this awesome machine can do.  There is so much more that I could tell you but this blog would go on for quite awhile.   All I can say is that I am very happy that I went and I would definitely do it again.   The friendships that we made will continue as we stay in touch and watch our development.  So, my friends stay tuned for more adventures with Diane.  I'll keep you in stitches...get it stitches!!  LOL.

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